Treasury Management Services

Treasury Management means different things to different people.  For Geffen Advisors, we refer broadly to all aspects of running an effective hedge fund treasury group.  We can provide an independent review of your firm’s current practices or work with you to bolster your effectiveness in specific areas of your choice.  Our services provide value because they save your firm money by reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and because our services reduce risk for your firm.

Our services encompass any of the areas below depending on your firm’s needs.

Strategic Provider Strategy:  
Does your firm have the right number of prime brokers, and funding and trading counterparties in light of its size and strategy?

Strategic Partner Engagement Process:  
Is your firm engaging its prime brokers, and funding and trading counterparties in the most appropriate way both strategically and tactically?

Physical versus Synthetic Prime Brokerage:  
Is your firm using the best mix of physical versus synthetic prime brokerage services?

Financing and Shorting Rates:  
Are the rates paid by your firm appropriate in light of your firm’s size and track record?

Cash Management Strategy:  
Is your firm utilizing the best options for investing excess cash?

Treasury Management Tools:  
Is your firm aware of what it is spending for prime brokerage and other treasury related services? Is your firm using tools to understand market pricing for securities borrowing services?  Should the manager be using third party tools it is not currently using?

Securities Lending:  
Should your firm actively lend out long securities in its portfolio?

Margin Analysis / Leverage Optimization:  
Does your firm have a process for ensuring margin rates imposed by counterparties are reasonable?  Does it have a means of taking advantage of differences in levels offered across counterparties?

Asset Protection:
Does your firm understand its options and the tradeoffs associated with using asset protection options offered by prime brokers and counterparties?  Is your firm currently using these options in a logical manner and/or is it prepared to utilize these options on short-notice if required?

Counterparty Credit Risk:  
Does your firm monitor and review its credit exposure to its prime brokers and counterparties?  Does the manager have a systematic way to monitor changes in prime broker or counterparty creditworthiness? Does the manager have contingency plans in place to move exposures?

Liquidity Risk Management:  
Does your firm monitor its funds’ liquidity?  Is it looking at stress events to assess the impact on liquidity?  Has it set minimum liquidity requirements?

Prime Broker and Trading Documentation:  
Has your firm negotiated appropriate protections into its prime brokerage and counterparty trading documentation in light of the firm’s size and track record?

Tracking Key Documentation Terms:  
Does your firm have the capability to track key documentation terms and its delivery requirements to prime brokers and counterparties?