Launch Advisory Services

Launching a new fund is an exciting endeavor, but the actual launch process can be quite arduous, complex and time consuming.   Geffen Advisors’ goal is to streamline  this process for your firm, to facilitate your ability to make excellent decisions, and to ensure that your firm completes some of the most important steps of the process as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Geffen Advisors’ launch expertise lies in working with you to select and contract with some of your most important new strategic partner relationships—your law firm, prime brokers, administrator, and your accounting firm.  This is a targeted approach to providing you with expert advice regarding some key decisions for your firm, as opposed to a more generalist approach which would include working with you to tackle all of the decisions involved in your launch process.

Our value proposition is quite simple.  By leveraging our expertise in these specific aspects of the launch process, our clients will be empowered to make highly informed and educated selection decisions, will benefit from skillfully negotiated pricing for relevant services, and will obtain sound, solid and favorable service contracts.  We are confident that your firm will recoup the advisory fees paid to Geffen Advisors through this process.  In addition, your firm will benefit from being able to clearly articulate to investors the thoughtful, professional selection process by which your firm’s strategic partners were chosen and retained.

Our approach is to collaborate with you and lead you through this process.  Initially, we will consult with you to understand your requirements for, and expectations of, the relevant partners for your firm, as well as any partners you are predisposed to include in the selection process. We will consider your needs against the strengths of the available providers in the market and provide feedback which may include offering alternative ideas and providers for your consideration.  Ultimately, we will agree on an approach and a decision-making framework which would include Geffen Advisors conducting interviews on your firm’s behalf and obtaining service and pricing proposals from at least 2-3 law firms, 3-4 prime brokers, 2-3 accounting firms, and 2-3 administrators.  The extent of your actual participation in this interview process would be up to you.  We will then provide you with selection recommendations based upon the parameters we had previously agreed. You will of course have the opportunity to meet the recommended partners before making the final selection decision and you will always retain the ultimate decision-making authority.