Outsourced COO Services

Geffen Advisors is available to provide hedge funds with an outsourced Chief Operating Officer solution to address any of the following situations:

  • New hedge funds requiring a COO prior to launch and ahead of hiring permanently
  • Recently launched hedge funds that require only a part-time COO or want a more cost effective solution than hiring a full-time permanent COO
  • Hedge funds that need assistance through the wind down process

Geffen Advisors provides a solution which is tailored to meet the specific needs of your firm. Our approach is to provide leadership oversight for the infrastructure side of your organization and to do that in a manner which is complementary to the leadership which already exists on the investing side of your organization. Our service will focus on your firm’s priorities, leaving other senior leaders the time they require to focus on what they do best, typically managing investments and raising capital. Geffen Advisors has the expertise to focus on any or all of the following core areas:

  • Providing strategic advice on the gamut of non-investment issues facing your firm
  • Overseeing operations, finance, human resources and technology
  • Managing your firm’s legal, audit, administrator and prime brokerage relationships
  • Supervising the work of junior non-investment professionals

Geffen Advisors can also provide solutions to your firm’s operations and finance staffing requirements for both short-term assignments and longer-term outsourced arrangements.